Micro implementation of micro frontends with Vue 3

If you want to divide application into client services or you already have separate applications which are meant to be displayed together on one page, one of the simplest solutions is to use iframes. However, it is worth considering how to provide an easy-to-use communication layer between frontends.

Vue 2.7 and Composition API with Vue 2 class components

If you are stuck with Vue 2 for some reasons, Vue 2.7 is a great opportunity to try out Composition API. Moreover if you are using class-style components you may be trying to figure out the way how to incrementally migrate your codebase to Composition API. I share my idea here.

State of Vue 2021

Recently, I had the opportunity to assist in the production of the Monterail's State of Vue report. I also had a great pleasure to speak at VueJS Amsterdam and share some technical findings from our report.

Type checking Vue component template

Almost everything is possible, but is it worth it? A couple of tests and some thoughts about checking types in template part of Vue components.

Let's play sudoku

Sometimes it's a good idea to review your old repositories. You can have a lot of fun but also recall some interesting solutions. Recently I compiled an old C project from school to WebAssembly. I gave it a second life with Vue 3.